Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate, educate, and entertain our community and our viewers on the energies and topics of esports and gaming cultures as well as support our teams and the games we love in the state of Oklahoma.

About Sooner Esports

This website now functions as the home of the OU Esports Club and will have a news and media outlet emphasis. However, our entire programming infrastructure and development details will also be hosted throughout the various pages. This organization was granted officially licensed “Competitive Club” status in November 2018 effectively changing our name from The Esports Association at The University of Oklahoma to The University of Oklahoma Esports Club or OU Esports Club for short. This organization is departmentally sponsored by The University of Oklahoma Information Technology department.

Sooner Esports represents a research and practicum initiative from our parent organization, The OU Esports Club. Many things are being developed and investigated at OU in the context of the industry of esports and gaming. We’re excited about these opportunities and hopefully, we can keep your attention as we unfold all of our broad and narrow initiatives coming out of this organization on our journey for further formalization at OU and in our state.

We have many different focuses and this website represents a big one with both news and streaming. Having the culture and environment of a university as the backbone of all this research and opportunity, we are heading down the paths of education, curriculum evolution, practicum demonstration, as well as intercollegiate competitive development as an organization all while building community inside and outside of the walls of OU.

The massive parent industry of gaming, as well as the rapidly growing esports segment, are producing more and more job opportunities which mimic a lot of the infrastructure we see in conventional sports entertainment. Our goal is to leave no door unopened and every corner explored as we both influence and play specifically inside the collegiate segment of esports.

This website will continuously evolve throughout every semester as we add focus, cover various newsworthy topics, stream, add resources, add teams members, mature programming, add events, and gain further formalization. We hope you become a follower and supporter of our goals as we try to bring topics to light, discuss them, and advocate for the vast opportunities that gaming and esports can represent.

Join The OU Esports Club

All are welcome to be a member of our Discord! If you are a current or future University of Oklahoma student or alumni there is a simple form for you to fill out once in our Discord for additional access and perks. You can join our Discord at discord.gg/ouesports.

Contact Us

You can contact us through any of the navigation menu area social media links or you can send email to: ouesports.@ou.edu

OU XP Documentary

We are showcasing the video to our documentary series developed and produced by student members of our Media & News team completely on their own accord. A serious moment of pride when we started to advocate for our cause and purpose.

Programs Overview

Our development is broken into 6 programs all with tangible programming for either OU students or the general public. Please read the general overview of each and click on each if you’d like more information.


Focused on providing programming for OU students as a priority with extensions for mid-level leadership roles called “Ambassadors”. Additionally, has energies in community outreach in K-12, at-risk youth, and public event programming.


Take collegiate athletics programming and apply it to comprehensive gaming competition development. That means coaching, analysis, team building, and competition against other universities both online and in person.


The tip of the sword in our development. The students that comprise our leadership team showcase personal initiative and high energy as they head each one of these individual programs and are put in direct contact with peer university programs, industry businesses and professionals, and present to other administrative bodies in and outside of the University of Oklahoma.


Our primary journalistic energies. Writers, reviewers, opinion presenters, photographers, videographers, and event coverage. This program takes all the core energies in journalistic curriculum and industry and gives it a new opportunity at OU to present on multiple fronts with a dynamic pool of skillsets.


Our focused developments on shoutcasting (sportscasting) emphasizing real-time analysis, color-casting, and a gradual elevation in production value to showcase our official teams and provide coverage digitally and physically to bring everyone the exciting play by play analysis during our matches.


Our focused developments on variety and entertainment streams highlight the vast diversity of gaming cultures and subcultures. Think talk shows, real-time casual gameplay, watch key personas in our organization play various games, and so much more.

Organizational Pulse

This section of the about provides top-level analytical snapshots of our organization as a whole. Highlighting our leadership numbers, gender, discipline, and class breakdowns, organizational chart, and eventually some other things. Our current student members will always reset on July 1 each year to ensure we have proper reporting analytics for 3rd parties and administration.

July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 (As of April 2020)

DISCLAIMER: For the Fall 2019+ semesters we decided to convert our Discord to be open for all which allows anyone to join even without signing up for membership. Because of this the numbers might be lower until the incentives to become a member increase more and more. We will start reporting size of our Discord as well to supplement the numbers to still show growth.

Final Organizational Chart of The Year

Organizational Chart: VIEW HERE


Member Numbers

  • Student Leadership: 11 (7men/4women)
  • Staff Leadership: 4 (3men/1woman)
  • Membership: 400 students, 45 alumni

Student Class Breakdown

  • Graduate: 4%
  • Senior: 22%
  • Junior: 20%
  • Sophomore: 22%
  • Freshmen: 32%

Discipline Breakdown

  • Engineering: 65%
  • Business: 8%
  • Arts & Sciences: 8%
  • Journalism: 8%
  • Other: 11%


  • $5500!! (OU IT)
  • $3000!! (OU Foundations)
  • $0!! (DUES)

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

Member Numbers

  • Student Leadership: 11 (7men/4women)
  • Staff Leadership: 4 (3men/1woman)
  • Membership: 565 students, 35 alumni

Student Class Breakdown

  • Senior: 20%
  • Junior: 20%
  • Sophomore: 25%
  • Freshmen: 35%

Discipline Breakdown

  • Engineering: 60%
  • Business: 10%
  • Arts & Sciences: 8%
  • Journalism: 10%
  • Other: 12%


  • $0!! (OU)
  • $0!! (DUES)

(THE BEGINNING) Nov 2, 2017 - June 30, 2018

Final Organizational Chart of The Year

Organizational Chart: VIEW HERE

Member Numbers

  • Student Leadership: 8 (4men/4women)
  • Staff Leadership: 4 (3men/1woman)
  • Membership: 270 students, 5 alumni

Student Class Breakdown

  • Senior: 15%
  • Junior: 40%
  • Sophomore: 20%
  • Freshmen: 25%

Discipline Breakdown

  • Engineering: 40%
  • Business: 14%
  • Arts & Sciences: 11%
  • Journalism: 7%
  • Other: 28%


  • $2200 (OU)
  • $0!! (DUES)

Do you want to help our cause and support our programs? We will soon have a direct way for you to do so with tax incentives to boot! Stay tuned for a reveal of our very own OU Foundation account for direct contributions.