Sooner Esports represents a research and practicum initiative from our parent organization, The University of Oklahoma Esports Club. Many things are being developed at OU in the context of the industry of esports and gaming. We’re excited about these opportunities and hopefully, we can keep your attention as we unfold all of our broad and narrow initiatives coming out of this organization on our journey to further formalization at OU and in our state. You can learn more HERE.


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We are showcasing our current documentary series developed and produced by student members of our Media & News team completely on their own accord. A serious moment of pride as we continue to advocate for our cause and purpose.

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The Awesomeness of Empowering Students

For the past three years, I've dreamt, ate, worked, slept, etc esports development at The University of Oklahoma. Before I met the first student that would be involved in helping, I told myself that I…
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The OU Esports Club Partners with OeSL for Inaugural K-12 League in Oklahoma!
Letter from the (New) Editor: The Second Generation of Sooner Esports


Event Coverage

OU Esports Extra Life Charity Event Raises $1,712

$1700 for Extra Life, a charity organization that helps fund children's hospitals. The event, "Sooner Extra Life," consisted of two parts: a 24 Twitch stream and an event held at the Tom Love Innovation Hub.…
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Inaugural Red River Clash Brings Split Victories
Event Coverage
The OU Esports Club Partners with OeSL for Inaugural K-12 League in Oklahoma!


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What the Golf? Review

WHAT THE GOLF is an easy way to pass some time. When I first launched the game, I expected, well... I didn't know what to expect. Triband, the small development team based out of Copenhagen,…
Mutazione Review
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Razer Kraken v2